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Our Vision

Our future is full of opportunity in the online space. Now more than ever, customers are yearning for dining deals. We will continue to offer dining and retail deals while expanding our customer base, with plans to become the online destination for "all things restaurant", such a directory of national restaurant listings, offering reservation and delivery services and new product offerings.

Our Experience

The Restaurant.com management team has a unique blend of leadership skills and capabilities with a history of success across the marketing, ecommerce and dining sectors strategically building consumer loyalty and brand equity. Our management team is among the most experienced in online commerce. This deep knowledge of the essential components of our ecommerce platforms, customer habits and demographics and product sourcing gives us a stable foundation for all of our future efforts.

Our Plan

Our objective is to leverage our ecommerce expertise with the Restaurant.com technology, platform, familiar website domain name and customer base to increase our B2B and B2C business as well as to increase revenues through accretive acquisitions. The key elements of our growth strategy are:

  • Increase # of restaurants on the program
  • Increase # of product offerings
  • Expand B2B client base
  • Acquisitions to deepen involvement with restaurants & expand in the entertainment industry

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